How do I look?

I generally have no idea how to feel about my appearance. I can't tell if I'm attractive or not. I don't have trouble talking to Women but I always wondered about my appearance - recently a Girl told me I look intimidating. Do you guys think that true? I haven't been much of a relationship guy up to this point in my life, but lately I've been considering a romantic relationship. So I'm wondering more about how I look. - a pic of me.


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  • I think you have nice features but could go for a cleaner look


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  • I think you're attractive. A smile would kill the intimidation thing for sure. It's always a good ice breaker... You appear to have nice hair, just decide what you want to do with it. The same with your facial hair, keep a close shave or whatever, just keep it neat. But overall, good looking.

  • I agree with @smexiliciousss. Your hair in that picture looks like you didn't brush or style it at all. It looks like you slept on it, put a hat on all day, and then took the hat off.

    I don't know if it's just the lighting, but your facial hair looks like it's greying. You'd look younger (like, your age) if you shaved it off.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that you look intimidating, but in the picture, you have no expression/a stare, so you look unfriendly/unapproachable. So, you know, smile or something.

    You're not unattractive. You could probably be a 6 with proper grooming and a smile. (I consider a 5 to be average, as in, most people are a 5).

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