Would you be willing enough to look at my body, and tell me if I look decent enough to go on a nudist beach?

This would help build my courage to go to the beach and be comfortable by a mile. Like just tell me what i m missing. Please understand that im trying to change my way of living; in this particular case, these are the baby steps i feel are appropriate for the task. Thanks in advance everyone.

The question still stands ladies! Please give me your input if you can.
Along side this question, is anyone in the east coast/nyc area willing to go to a nudist beach with me? It would make the transition much easier if i had someone to chat with when the line is crossed from clothed to nude. Im a first timer if you hadn't guessed. I can provide pictures of myself so a trip isn't wasted for you to come to the beach.


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  • You mean like looking at your NUDE body?

    • Yes.. we were all born naked, so i see no problem with it. Im just having trouble grasping the idea behind doing so in a public place like a nudist beach.

    • Okay, I mean, go ahead, you can do what you want :)

  • Sure I'm not judgmental I'm working on me too

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