Girls, I broke up with my girlfriend recently and now she won't talk to me. Why is this?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years about 3 weeks ago. It wasn't completely unexpected but nevertheless it affected me quite deeply. I am unsure why she chose to dump me at this moment in time. Could it because I am not really that good looking and she wanted someone better? I admit I am not the *best* looking sort of guy. Maybe I am too much of a dag or just plain unattractive. What do you think? REMEMBER TO DELETE THE SPACES IN THE LINKS TO VIEW PICS

i1375. photobucket. com/albums/ag460/centenarypark14/13817_10152806235162634_6995007196717189034_n_zpsaapabbsc. jpg

i1375. photobucket. com/albums/ag460/centenarypark14/P1030392_zpscfyacwtw. jpg

i1375. photobucket. com/albums/ag460/centenarypark14/P1030439_zpsfw6igddw. jpg

i1375. photobucket. com/albums/ag460/centenarypark14/20140912_1305101_zps5d25b9be. jpg

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PS. i don't think the first link works


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  • Your first link didn't work (despite deleting the spaces) and I don't care to try the rest of them. Unless you're a teenager who hasn't matured, people who date for YEARS don't simply break up because of physical appearances. There are exceptions but I doubt you're one of them