'Bad' Asians vs. Cute Asians: What's your preference?

pretty lame question... but I noticed guys have really high expectations for Asian girls. Many guys say that they're only into Asians IF they're "bad" or hot, etc.

Sometimes that idea makes me really insecure and wish that I would fit into that criteria cause I feel like guys aren't into the whole petite, short, and baby-faced girls :'---)

So just out of curiosity, I wanted to know which one you prefer more and an explanation would be much appreciated!

When I mean by bad I mean like super gorgeous lol


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  • I recently had an Asian friend who was super gorgeous and she always put on make up and had a very good sense of fashion. She was very "American" - very talkative, very open, and very caring of other people. A lot of male athletes were attracted to her, and she is very popular; everyone always complements her and try to copy her. She was so attractive that I made an effort to be around her because she was very open and considerate (or so I thought).

    But when I started talking about things that interested me (philosophy and spiritualism), she made very insensitive remarks that really hurt me because they were so off the mark and she said them in a very casual as-matter-of-fact kind of way. And then I realized that I should stay away from girls like her, those who put on too much make up and care too much about appearance.

    I still consider her my friend, and I am even thankful that she hurt me. But I would never actively talk to her or hang out with her again unless she talked first.

    • So the moral of the story is: CUTE GIRLS FOREVERRRRRR ヘ (^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^) ノ
      Oh, you look very pretty, and I really like your hair. Have a great day!

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  • I prefer being a cute Asian lol
    Cute can go a long way ^^*

    Every guy is different, every guy has a specific preference, it's just all about if you fit it or not, if not there will be someone's criteria you do fit.

  • every guy is different. there are many guys who will appreciate you for you. don't try to fit into a category that just because you're concerned with what guys might think. you want guys to like you, not who you're trying to be.

    • thank you for the reminder~

    • you're welcome! I know there is a lot of pressure to look/be a certain way, but if we were all "bad" then what fun would that be?

    • Haha true. I have a crush on this guy whose into those 'bad' looking girls so I felt a little self concious for awhile sadly

  • i like both good boys and bad boys (now)

  • You're so gorgeous!