If your born with an ugly face are you screwed in life?

Forget university! It's a PRETTY FACE that helps guarantee a successful career and having relationship with the opposite gender.

You might be only a pretty face, but it seems that’s all you need to get on in today’s world of work. A study has found beautiful people do better in their careers – even after their youthful good looks have begun to fade.

At each career stage studied, pretty people held more prestigious jobs than plain Janes.

The researchers said attractive sorts may gravitate to good jobs because they are more confident. Alternatively, the plain may be penalised by employers.

The British and Italian team used decades of data on more than 8,000 men and women who left school in Wisconsin in the US in 1957. This included information about employment at various points in life, school photos that were used to rate their looks and information about their education and their parents’ social class.

Those rated the most attractive on leaving school tended to have better jobs and more prestigious careers, even when close to retirement. The finding held even when other factors, such as intelligence and education, were taken into account. Researcher Gundi Knies, of Essex University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research, said good looking people may benefit from a ‘beauty premium’.

She added: ‘We found facial attractiveness is important in determining people’s occupational prestige at the beginning of the career as it is in the middle or at the end.’

'Or, in other words, the so called beauty premium is stable throughout people's employment history and pretty people are doing better even as they age.'

Previous studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly and earn up to four per cent more than their colleagues who are less aesthetically pleasing.

'Our facial features are largely genetically determined and the research raises a number of questions regarding the processes that underlie the reproduction of social inequalities, said Dr Knie.

'For example, do beautiful men and women have higher occupational prestige because employers discriminate against plain people

'Or is it that beautiful men and women choose more prestigious occupations, for example, because they enjoy a higher self esteem and are more self confident.'
Should being facially ugly be looked at as a form of disability? Seeing that you would be marginalized in all walks of life from social interaction, job prospect and promotions.


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  • Well firstly beauty is subjective. Just because you think someone is bad looking doesn't mean someone else might not find them attractive. Secondly, yeah sure. If you are going to go through life with a negative outlook on yourself then you can't be shocked when others feel the same about you. How you feel on the inside shows on the outside. If you are going to have that mindset then you will likely never succeed. Plenty of people who might not be 10/10'ers in the looks department have made a success of their lives. Thirdly you can always improve on your appearance. Nothing is stopping you from having a wicked cool fashion sense or trying out a new hairstyle that could be flattering. Maybe try hitting the gym even. I can't feel sorry for people who just sitting there in a heap pitying themselves. You can achieve a lot in your life if you stop looking for excuses.

    • Look at Lizzie Velásquez for example. She has all odds against her and yet she's making a huge success of her life and helping a lot of people with their problems. Do you think she achieved that by sitting in her room complaining about how "ugly" she is and how big of a screw up she is? Nope.

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    • "Your remark at the end by saying I had a "Feel sorry for yourself attitude". That's not shaming. That is stating the truth. Someone who does feel sorry for themselves due to their looks is having a "feel sorry for myself" attitude. They are feeling sorry for themselves yes?

      I've said before, I don't agree with your opinion and I stick to it. I see too many people in happy relationships who are probably not the most attractive looking people for me as well as people in career positions who are also not necessarily stunners. I see people daily doing great things at my university who are also not necessarily as attractive. I even see people who are probably below average but who have such great confidence that they have a social life far better than mine. Beautiful people can get advantages of course but to assume that any person who is below average on the looks scale is screwed and has a divisibility is just stretching it. A lot of things you say are based on assumptions.

    • and generalizations. One business might choose to advance someone based on superficial reasons but some others will advance you on knowledge. You can't just decide for every business or organization out there who they'll pick. Neither can you decide for someone how many opportunists they have or don't have. Life isn't fair for anybody. Everyone has hardships in one way or another. Even beautiful people can have hardships in life. I was disadvantaged too in my life over things I had no power over but I didn't let it bring me down or keep me from having a happy life. There's always room for improvement and perhaps it should start with your attitude and outlook.

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  • Is "attractiveness" same with "pretty"? I don't think so. Clean, smells good, dressed up, and confident. Those are what make ones look better than they should. Imho.

  • So what is your conclusion. Are the less facially fortunate doomed? What about those of different races... theymay be beautiful in their nation, but not in accordance to the study above? Something to think about...

    • Our society is mostly ruledl to favour caucasian standards of beauty as the universally accepted beauty standard.

      Conclusion; If your born width an ugly face you are at a disadvantage. On similar level as someone with a disability.

      Not doomed, but crippled in life.

    • That therefore means that the majority of the globe is ugly. What a messed up world we live in...

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  • I don't know lol, but I wasn't born with a ugly face, neither were you so I don't really see what the issue is. I'm sure looks defiantly help in life, in the material world we live in appearance is everything.

    • Lol. I like creating though provoking discussions even if they don't apply to me.

    • @Roostah, alright I get that lol, my answer is still the same though, we live in a material world weer appearance is everything, a good appearance gets your foot in the door, but once that happens you need to have a good personalty and good charisma to stay in the room.

  • But I love plain janes <3

  • All of these are true, I wish I was a handsome guy.

  • No reasonn why i'm failing then... It's true, I never get anywhere