Why is my face pink and how can I get rid of it?

I just can't stand how I look, I have a pink-ish face tone on my nose and cheeks while my forehead and chin are still white. I want all of my face to be white and I've tried bleaching my face with baking sodsa and lemon and it doesn't seem to work. Ay ideas?

Here are pics, please don't laugh or get eye cancer



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  • It might be rosacea, difficult to say without a pic. But don't sunbathe, it will make it only worse. Look up rosacea , mild one and let me know if yours look similar

    • It does seem like rosacea, but my face doesn't have visible blood vessels and I don't have eye irritation, but now I'm really scared because I can't afford going to the doctor

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    • Thanks, will do

    • Thank you for mho!

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  • Go out and get some sun.

    • But then my face will get even more pink (and even red) I get burned in the sun quickly