How do I rate based on looks?

Bored... just thought I'd see where I stood on a scale from 1-10...

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  • Where are the 1-4 options, Hm?

    • Lol... well I didn't put them up as I assumed I'd rate higher than a five but, if you think I'm below a five then please say so. After all, this is an opinion poll and I want your opinion.

    • I was going to say four. If you want a rate out if ten, you can't leave out half the numbers.

    • Ok. Thanks for your opinion!

  • aww you're cute

  • Baeeeeeeeeeee comeeee hereeeee pleaseee lmaoo 😙😙😙😙😙😙 you're so built and you're smiling my god sooooi cuteeeee lololol

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