Girls, could you please rate me outta 10?

I've lost a lot of weight, and ever since i did, I've been getting more attention. I feel healthy and more attractive. But sometimes i still feel down and insecure. I was just wondering if people actually think I'm attractive. So please rate me on my looks out of 10. Please be completely honest. Thankyou!

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I'm a Girl
The lighting was a bit weird on the right side of my face in that pic.

In this, i tampered with the lighting a bit so you can see me more clearly :3
If anyone else answers, please add to your opinion what you like about my appearance and what you don't. It'd be much appreciated. Thanks!
I know this question was asked a while ago, but since then, I've trimmed my hair and style it a bit differently, and I've also grown out my facial hair somewhat. I've been told that i should smile more, so in this picture i attempted smiling lol:
Anyway, i was hoping i looked a little better in this picture now, and Quite frankly, I'd like some more answers, so if you haven't answered already, please do. Thankyou!


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  • I gave you a 9

    • Wow thankyou! That means a lot ☺️

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  • A 7 without a smile , an 8 if you do ^^

    • Haha, i was trying to smile. I'm not that good at it apparently πŸ˜…

      Thankyou though :)

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    • Could you check the update? I tried to smile haha

    • Better ^^

  • I think you look good.

  • 8.5 to 9ish.

  • Your shirt kinda dims the spark but otherwise you look nice.

    • Well i wasn't dressed up or anything, i was just at home. Thanks though :)