Girls, the average guy on GaG is ugly?

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Come on women I need some more frickin votes please. all I need is twenty to thirty votes


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  • Yeah, as opposed to all the stunning women on here.
    You men were made to be ugly for us.

    • I find it really mean of you to say that miss. None of us guys have ever called you girls ugly. It's nice if we could get some comments too. I think modt of the guys on this site aren't that bad looking. Maybe your standards are too high?

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    • @PuppyKay It's ok that's enough please stop. I can handle what she said...

    • I agree with the asker. You're literally insulting him by reducing him to your pathetic level of frantic pillow princesses who can't handle an honest opinion when they ask for it. Not everyone is like you, so get over it. You're literally harassing me for telling the truth. People like you are an infectious disease to humanity... Part of what the world is so fucked up is because of LIES. You're excused. :)

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  • theyre not ugly. no one is ugly, gosh i hate it when people say that! i use to think i was ugly but since a guy liked me and im dating him like igaf about my appearance. sorry for my rude behaviour but the world is so cruel how they judge people for their looks so quick as if they met them before they could even open their mouths and assuming things.

    average guys or 'ugly' ones are all good looking. i find them mostly attractive rather than george clooney or chris hemsworth or whatever.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words miss. I think most of the girls on this site look nice and just wanted to know if girls thought the same but at leas we're not ugly so that's a reassurance. Merci-beaucoup...

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    • It's ok that's enough please stop. I can handle what she said...

    • Sorry, I had to say something because her opinion was so selfish. Ironically she started talking about humanity, how sweet.

  • not from what I've seen, but most dont have pics i think.

    • Thank you, I was starting to lose hope for the average guy here...

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    • yeah why are you worried about other guys I don't understand

    • I just includes myself as the average guy.

  • No they are just average looking but not ugly

    • Thank you kangy you make me feel gooder

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    • Kangy does anonymous girl speak truth you think?

    • No I dont agree with her

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