How do some of you have such shiny hair?

I have thick hair so I always thought that was the issue. I drink a lot of water and run regularly but my hair never really gets that shiny. I've tried straightening it and putting smoothing products in but it doesn't work. :/


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  • Its naturally shiny.

    But when i use conditioner it shines more.

    You could try chemical straightening, it makes your hair really shiny.


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  • I have pretty thick hair, and it's usually the only thing I get complimented on. I just brush it and it goes shiny. Do you have dry hair?

    • I must. Do I just need to put more conditioner in my hair? I've always avoided a lot of conditioner because my hair tends to get greasy fast. What shampoo/conditioning products do you use?

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    • Okay thanks! I'll give that a try

    • Oh, I should probably also mention I use almond oil. I find it's the best hair oil, along with argan (which is more expensive). My friend bought a lifetime's supply of genuine argan from Morrocco.

      Good luck :)

  • I would have to at least see a photo of your hair because I can't touch it. But there are a lot of factors. What shampoo/conditioner do you use? Do you do any treatments? What do you do to style your hair? Do you color it? Do you use a heat protectant if you are styling with heat (even blow drying)? How often do you trim it? Hair can get dull if the split ends are left to get higher up the hair shaft. Is your hair curly? Straight? In the middle? Kinky like African textured? What color is your hair naturally? That actually DOES plat a part in it too :)

    I'm a hair stylist, so I hope I can help you to the fullest on here.

    • Wow where to start? I'll send you a picture through email and give you the facts here. I get a trim every 3-4 months to be honest. Even after getting it cut though, I notice it's never really that shiny. It used to be when I was younger, like 12-13. I straighten my hair on a regular basis and don't use heat protect products (oops). I usually get it cut just below my shoulders and let it grow a few inches above the middle of my back. My hair's medium brown naturally and have been dying it since I've been about 14 and I'm 21 now. I used to do solid darker colors but the past year or so I've been dying it blonde, auburn, and brown.

      If you need anymore info, let me know! I'll send you a pic through your inbox.

    • The lack of heat protectant could very well be what is dulling your hair out. Try to stay away from the heat. You can find some ways to curl your hair without heat, if you like it curly. Large rollers can produce straight hair with a slight curve as well. Do a conditioning treatment on your hair once a week, even if it is just sitting in the shower for and extra 5 minutes while it settles into your hair. Rinse it out with cooler water. If you use box dyes, it can damage you hair as well. Not as noticeably as a home bleach, but it is a very strong product nontheless. Never ever, ever, ever, ever use oils on your hair before you use a curling iron or a flat iron. Use a small amount afterward so you don't scald your hair. Hopefully, this helps you out!

  • Conditioners and try not to use to much heat on it

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