Which time in my life do I look best?

Which time in my life do i look best?
1) when i was just 17

2) recently got a job 20

3) Now 21

I have some massive weight gain between 2nd and last. 5 stone more or less!

some people might be wondering why i am asking! Well i want to know what look i am going to try and go back to when i finish my treatment and feel like this might help :) the last one won't win i just threw it in there for reference!

  • 1) 17
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  • 2) 20
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  • 3) yo dawg you sexy as hell
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  • 4) I don't like any!
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  • 5) i don't want to offend you <3
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Thank you to everyone that's voted so far! Seriously i'm not easily offended so if you're not voting to save my feelings screw that let me have it! I want to know if i need to do something new! :)



Most Helpful Girl

  • 20 years old look is the best. 17 is so slim and 21 has some little weight to lose ^^

    • Don't worry ! I know about the weight needed to be shifted, i mean 5 stone in half a year... These steroids are ruining me! And i can't work out until treatment is over which annoys me because i love working out! Makes me feel so good after :(

      But thank you!
      17 i was working out just as much but i didn't eat enough i was living on protein but not much else was only eating like 1600 calories a day and taking vitimins and other supplements to stay healthy but i lost weight when i was a good weight and looked like that

    • Get well soon! Yeah Health is most important thing. First health!

    • Haha thanks :) and thank you for answering!

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What Girls Said 5

  • Recently got a job 20 but 17 is awesome too. :)))

  • you were super cute at 17!

    you're alright now, I just don't like the facial hair, haircut, or your new style.

    • Thanks as i said i think i was a bit too skinny because i was eating way under my requirements!

      Now as in 21? Yeahhh i don't like me now either to be honest! But needs must i guess haha

    • I didn't say dislike, it's just your style was more what I find attractive at 17.

    • That's fair :) thank you

  • you sexy ! but not at 17 lol

    • Haha thank you :) i'm thinking about trying to get back to the second one at this rate :)

  • To me, when you were 17.

  • You looked best at the age of 20


What Guys Said 5

  • at 17 basically... how the hell did u change like that? u look like a totally different person basically... but at 17 u were gr8 in my opinion

    • Haha at 17 i didn't eat much, i did a lot of rugby, the gym etc... But at 20 went to uni continued with my running and still did the gym but drank a lot and had to start to get ready for job interviews and leaving a good impression haha! But now as a game developer i realise i can look like whatever i want!

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    • Yeah i guess it was drastic, i'm still the same person though i'm still a happy hyper chipper optimistic guy haha

      Yeah i understand that i was a chubby preteen and just had to do something about it so i didn't feel self concious!

      I know that! But what i meant was it allows freedom to look like what you want! Like i can be emo but a lawyer canmt be if that makes sense?

    • yesss sure it does :-P

  • Second one! I'd lose the facial hair though

    • Good tip! :)
      Twas a holiday i missed my razor :( usually it's not there haha

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    • That is alright, I can understand the difficulty in believing in God. I respect that you say you wish you could believe in God, nevertheless. The nausea was certainly one of the worst parts, I had it really bad too. Always had a bucket next to me. I like that mindset though, what ever keeps your head up!

    • Yeah believing in something would have helped me a lot when i was younger, i think there was a void because all my family believe but i couldn't so things like life after death which my mother constantly talked about was nothing.
      Yeah i know there are other symptoms maybe worse ones but i struggle to accept the nausea because it for some reason just sticks around

  • You change pretty quickly!

    • To be fair i looked like that from about 14-19, i would still look like the second one if i could but hair loss and weight gain stopped me :( steroids and chemo! Yeesh

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    • oh my God I feel like a midget now well my blessings to you

    • Thank you hypno!

  • I don't know, but I like all the pictures. You look like a great guy.

  • You look older at both 20 and 21

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