Girls, tips for grooming "down there"? I do it sometimes but I would like tips from my fellow ladies. Anybody got good ones?


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  • I sure do.

    The best way I find for grooming is to shave... but you have to know how. Get a thick, creamy gel or shave foam (you can find ones for the bikini area) and lay a thick layer over your girl. Then, going TOWARDS THE DIRECTION THE HAIR GROWS, do short, gently strokes to remove the THICK of the hair. Rinse, reapply cream, and shave against the grain upwards in a single swipe for each area, don't go over the same area twice... it'll cause irritation. Afterwards, you can use an aloe-vera lotion, and an hour after it sinks in, a bump treatment (typically one with salicylic acid) to prevent ingrowns. By chance if you still get an ingrown or two, pluck it out with tweezers and use the salicylic acid treatment on it (assuming it isn't close to the opening of the vagina).

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks XOXO girly

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    • When you shave downwards there should be some left. It's when you reapply and do the single swipe up against the grain that gets rid of all of it. If you don't want to remove it all, skip that step.

    • Listen to @HyperOrphic that is Excellent advice, girl! you can shave me anytime! ;)

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  • I'm a beauty therapist and it'd really recommend going to a professional and getting waxed versus shaving to prevent itching and ingrown hairs. The hair takes longer to grow back and gets thinner over time. Make sure you go to a reputable spa or salon and not some dodgy place.

  • Wax. Make sure it's done by a professional & that a patch test is done first.