Any single ladies out there feel like this?

So I've been single for most of my life I'm 19 years old and I've only ever had one guy come up to me tell me he's interested there's been other guys but it was only 3 over social media who were older then me. I don't know it sucks because I feel as if even if a guy did like me he's gonna find someone better looking. I think I'm attractive people tell me that here on gag I'm gorgeous but in real life I feel like guys don't notice me.. I am a very friendly person but I don't go out of my way to make conversation with any guys.. Mostly because I'm afraid I won't be their type.. so rejection basically but also I feel like guys my age are only after the girls who smoke weed go to parties get drunk.. I can't seem to find someone who doesn't care if a girl doesn't do that... I just needed to rant not really a question


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  • ''all your life'' .. you are 19 my friend.. very very young. Guys are shy and are afraid of rejection.. and at your age.. they want sex and fun... they are afraid of seriousness. don't be focused on results.. have fun with guys as friends.. laugh joke , tease... i am not interested and was never interested in drugs or drunk people... but i like open people who seem social and at ease with me.. if you are stressed, frowning and sitting away by your own.. you give signals that say '' leave me alone'' even if you don't mean that...

    1- smile
    2- Be social for the sake of being social.. not to get guys
    3- Have fun with guys.. go out to trips , events,
    4- Laugh and crack jokes. get interested in what they do
    5- give them indirect invitations... to the guy you like you say'' i wonder why guys don't approach the girl they like any more... people are very shy these days.. they should take it easy and chill''

    I have many other points but these will get you started.

    I just approached a girl yesterday on the street and she loved it ! gave me the puppy eyes and we are trying to set a date. I am sure you will get one pretty soon. Dont fret..


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  • You said yourself the people on GaG said you were gorgeous and you say you have a nice personality. I know old people come out with these cliches but they are cliches because there is an element of truth to them. So here it goes
    Your time will come
    Plenty of fish in the sea
    There is someone for everyone
    I found a nice quote to finish off " To the world you may be one person but maybe to one person you may be the whole world"

  • Well I guess we can go grab some piƱa coladas becuase we're on the same boat sista!

  • Haha, if all these pretty girls walking around are thinking this, i should get my game on. Fuck, this one girl who found me on Facebook after running into me as a cashier fucked me over after giving me all these signals and compliments. Lol. you could say my tolerance for bullshit isng high anymore bug i would date you in a heartbeat from the sound of it:/

    • Excuse my shitty grammer. On a phone and my fingers are big-_-

    • It's cool dude (:

  • The reason guys probably don't ask you out is because they don't know if you're single trust me I would suggest buying a shirt that said
    [ ]Not single
    xD lol

    • I don't know where to find a shirt like that

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    • No I did I just forget to put lol so u would get that I got it haha

    • Oh I was already speculating that you were humorless and maybe that was the reason you were single but since thats not the case you'll find a guy just be patient

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  • I feel the same too.
    But I start to take care of my looks (working out, make up, new clothes, and even get my teeth braces)
    We live in the society where looks matter most, so you must looks good and feel good about it.

    But of course don't forget about your attitude, your appearance may attract people, but your attitude what keeps the around.

  • You need to have confident with yourself and just go out there. You don't need to overly drink, just have a good time in nightclubs with your friends.

    • I can't get into any nightclubs I'm only 19...

    • In some countries 18 is the legal age for nightclubs, so I didn't know. Are you giving guys some off vibes signals? How often do you go out with your friends?

    • That's the thing I'm not really a club scene person neither of my friends are either I'd like to be but.. yea