Girls, what do you think about my profile photo? How would you rate my handsomeness from 1 to 10?

I took this photo a night ago and I've always been shy about sharing my photo until now but I'm doing sports and I've lost some weight, here I am. Do you think I'm handsome/cute/ugly? Thanks for your opinions :)

Just be honest :)


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  • yeah you look pretty good (eyes though!!)
    yay on the dedication : )

    • Almost every girl in here complained about how they can't see my eyes but I like it this way :D I'll ask you 2 sub-questions :D Would you date me (don't think about the characteristics) and what would you give me out of 10?

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    • My eyes are fine actually and I have an amazing personality :D But this eyeglass makes me look better :) Thank you for your answer

    • aha good to hear, and np

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