What do you do if you feel so crap?

please don't give me mean rude comments coz it's honestly not needed.

here's my problem, i feel as crap as crack (soz if that doesn't make sense or sound weird). my mum won't let me wear make-up and i'm 14. when i see most girls with their make-up looking pretty, beautiful whatever you wanna call it, i just look at myself thinking how crap i look. i feel dull, i'm bored with myself. i feel unhappy with myself; yeah, they say natural beauty is the best and yeah I've been told i look pretty and i don't wear make-up blah, blah, blah but, to be honest... i feel just so crappy and bored with myself. i try to tell it to my mum but... sometimes i just feel that there isn't a point, I've said countless of times that i want to wear make-up but she won't let me, till the age she's says i must be in order to wear make-up. i'm not looking for sympathy, but someone just give me advice. since a can't wear make-up, i may just have to accept myself without it. but how? what things can i do to make myself feel refreshed and happy with myself.

someone show understanding and give me good advice please. thanks, this would really help. :)


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  • ok follow these exact instructions if you do not it won't work
    1) when you wake up pray
    2) after that immediately do exercise for 25 to 30 mins take you're time no rush
    3) shower
    4) eat some food
    5) dress up sexy the best you can
    6) take a walk, take ur phone if you want and listen to upbeat music nothing depressing
    7) go out and talk too people ur age just walk up and say hi dont worry if they think you're weird you'll be fine
    8) get a hobby you really enjoy something you can do for hours

    follow this and you'll be fine if you dont i promise you'll stay depressed


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  • You will have plenty of time to wear make up in the future but from what I see here most guys prefer little or no make up. Your mom just doesn't want her little girl to grow up too fast. I am sure you look great without make up.


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  • I know how you feel my mum used to do the same thing to me but with my hair she'd kill me every time she saw me straightening my hair.
    I guess you could use creams for your face and stuff. You also have to accept the facts that you have your own beauty and if you don't use make up that's even better cause you embrace the natural beauty things that girls this age don't understand.
    I used to put make up on my face every single day and everywhere I went and now I'm just bored of it cause it makes me sweaty and reminds me I can't wipe my face when I sweat or rub my eyes because I'm gonna go from Barbie to Joker.
    So just get used to it the time to use make up will come till then at least ask your mum to put little make up on on very important occasions for you.

  • I watch some Netflix, order some delicious food and turn my phone off.