Girls, Okay this is my first and last 'How I Look" question, hot or not?

Be blunt if you want too lol.

Sorry for the bad picture quality
*to typo


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  • there's no pic lol

    • yeah I had uploaded a pic, but there was no opinion for a really long time. Wait will upload another.

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  • I think you look FINE!!! Be confident even when it comes to looks; even if someone tries to put you down. Always know that you are HOT and never cold!!!:)

    • Thanks, I'm pretty confident about my looks, but just thought getting some opinions would be fun haha

  • YOu're indian, so 0/10.

    • wow you're good in stereotyping people, if it helps (although I doubt since you've already formed you're opinion) I have Indian and Columbian ancestry and have been living in NY since forever, so I'm one in a million or should I say considering India's population one in a billion :D.

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    • except I asked how I looked instead of how my entire race looked

    • Well, you look Indian af.

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