Rate Me And Please Be Honest..:)?

Just general criticism on my looks.
If you lie to me, you won't be doing me a favor. :(
On he contrary, you might set me up to fail in the dating world. :(

I am asking because I want to know where I should set my standards when accepting and rejecting guys. I need to know where I stand looks-wise so I don't accidentally set my standards way too high, or way too low.

I recently broke up with someone and am ready to move on, but offers are coming from guys of many different levels of attractiveness. A bit confusing being single again and all. ^.^

So please be clear and honest about my looks.
Also, plase tell me where you rate yourself on the attractiveness scale (say how attractive you see yourself) and if you'd have the desire to ask me out.

It would be a great deal of help to know where I stand in terms of attractiveness when looking for love.
Thank you for all the help. :)

Links to pictures coming in the update...

PS. Girls, I know most of you don't like other girls, but you can surely judge female looks, so I hope you can give me an impartial evaluation as well. Thank you. :)

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Body, couldn't do one standing up for lack of camera and timer. I'm sorry.
But I really am just thin and well shaped. Or so I'm told. I hope you can see enough...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldn't base your dating criteria of what people say on here but if you want a number I would say 5.

    You should just approach people you find attractive and seem pleasant and see where that takes you. I don't think you should focus on where you should set the bar

    • Yeah I also believe personality has a great impact and can override looks. Seen it happen in fact. Lived it as well at one point. ^^
      But since I had this great click and this great relationship I was never exposed to this "cruel meat market" the dating world seems to be. I am looking for something genuine and strong, but knowing where I stand league-wise will surely help catch who's only after me for sex (if I'm unsure) and it'll help me feel more comfortable with direct rejecting of guys I think are far bellow my level of attractiveness.
      I hope, it will speed up the process of elimination until I really click with someone I also want physically.

      I genuinely don't have self awareness and don't know where I can place myself without outside input. I just may have a way too high of an opinion of my looks. xD I LOVE how I look way too much and I know I have different taste in looks compared to most people. (I noticed that talking to them. ^^)

      So this is truly helpful. :)

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What Guys Said 15

  • When it comes to love looks do not matter. As long as there is an attraction, then you should give it a shot. You are a 10, don't let anyone tell you different. You just want to find someone who you are attracted to and vice versa. Someone that can see you for who you are and love that. Looks are only good to start the attraction, when it comes to love that should not matter to either of you or that could set you up for failure.

    I rate myself a 10 because I know what I'm worth and respect that person.

  • You look more youthful lol, but u like the second pic a lot.

    Great body, but your face makes you look younger than you are.

    Not sure how yih can fix that lol other than let nature take its course lol.

    But after looking through the comments and seeing you're 21, I'd grab a drink with you :)

  • The more I looked at you the better you look, I wonder if that could be taken the wrong way, at first I thought you were just pretty but now I think you are in fact beautiful looking. And are you new here? Because the way you type seems oddly familiar! Oh and I believe I am handsome enough for right now, but when I get a decent job after finishing college I believe I would be a more attractive man.

    • Keep your guesses to yourself please. xD
      And can I get a number? :3
      Kinda the whole deal with this Q. ;)

    • I don't like to rate so I just wanted to say that you're beautiful, which I thought would be good enough. But if I would HAVE to put a number it would be like 8-9. And I will make sure to keep it to myself, but if it is you it's nice to put a face to the username!

  • I would say a 8/10

  • where's da pic? o_O

  • Average looking. It's not a bad thing

  • You are preety...😊 nothing to worry about 👍

    • thanks ^^

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    • What does that mean? Just looks-wise (if you can say) if a guy of your level of attractiveness were to asked me out... Should I think he's more likely genuinely interested, or should I think he's looking for sex?

    • Whats my level of attractiveness out of 10

      Well it all depends on the guy what he wants? if i was there then i would go for a relationship.😊!!!

  • Not hot, not ugly, an in between. you shouldn't have trouble if you find someone into the things you like

    • Thank you.
      Care to provide a number? If you don't mind of course. ^.^

    • I said 6, given that 5 is average. but I don't you so it's changeable

  • Bad troll is bad

  • You're pretty, but you look quite young, how old are you?

    • I'm 21. I know I look young. :(
      I look a bit older when I put on make up. ^^

    • Well yeah like I say, you're cute and pretty but I wouldn't say you're 'hot' or 'sexy' due to your youthful look, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  • where is ur pic

  • very pretty, you have the natural, girl next door thing going for you. I like that

  • umm, normal.

  • How can we

    • Updates contain the pic.

  • Why don't you just take the best offer? Afraid of pump and dump?

    • Yes. If he's too hot I'm afraid he's just interested in sex.
      If he's too ugly, I am wondering if I'm being a snobby bitch if I reject. ^^

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    • Holy fuck I think that guy is a 10. xD
      Alright then... xD

    • Weird. Maybe it's just different gendered eyes seeing the same thing.

What Girls Said 2

  • I say 7/10 you're pretty & shouldn't be seeking attention from this website, no need to fix what GOD already put his paint brush on :) be happy with you looks & with who you are <3

  • Cute... 7/10