How can I get out of this stage?

Okay I am an athlete an I'm in a dry spell in basketball where I'm too ashamed to pick up a ball because of how out of shape I've been feeling. My family and friends say iI have gained weight but its nothing I can't lose once I get back in shape this summer. Like I don't even want to date because I feel discussed when I look in the mirror. I'm 6'1,19 and 194lbs now with a curvy figure.. my normal weight is about 180... Most of it is in my thighs and butt... I'm trying to find the will towork out but with stressing over school, work, and home. Its crazy. I just don't want to feel like I have no self control, I hate feeling like I'm stuck. What is wrong with me? I love basketball but the stress is making my mind jumbled. Am I crazy?

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  • Your biggest enemy is yourself. You are feeling all of this when probably it doesn't need any correction. You need some alone, relaxing time to gather your thoughts. I have often found meditation to be extremely helpful, if you're into it.


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