Ahahaha so i just want to know if im Attractive, id prefer not to be rated or anything but like if you could just state yes or no would be great and much appreciated, try not to be all bitchy about it either, and yez i know there are plenty of questions like this but this is not something i usually do but its really been bugging me.

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  • Judging by one photo which could possibly just be perfectly lit, the perfect angle and also you are pulling a face, also wearing lots of make up - yes. But take all that away and who knows? I need at least a few photos to know what someone looks like. Trust me I know from online dating that photos can be deceiving.

  • I can't really give an accurate rating since your wearing make up. I've always believed to tell if someone is truly attractive is to see them without make up and 100% natural.

  • 100% YES!

    10/10 Gorgeous girl :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :* <3 :*

  • You have a larger nose and I typically believe that darker skin tones should not wear light pink lip colors, but yes you are very pretty :)

  • Yes, you are!

  • Ugly ass fishpout. So pretentious, and extravagant.
    Stop trying so hard.. Or if you're going to try hard, at least be original about it.

    • Ahahahahaha okay cheers i'll keep that in mind

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    • Duck face checking in, gurl, stfu. She's clearly beautiful.

    • Lol, why would I stop sharing my opinion because a wannabe told me to?