Are my eyes messed up?

In the morning when I wake up my eye color is Hazel, my doctor said nothing was wrong with my vision but it still seems kind of weird, and at the end of the day at like 6:00 their SUPER black. Can anyone relate (my dad has black eyes and my mother has brown eyes with blue outlines)?

  • Nothing wrong with you, don't worry.
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  • That's messed up, you should chek your doctor again.
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  • Hey me too! :)
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  • No clue, show me the stats.
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  • Blue outlines? You mean that nasty cloudiness some people get around their irises? Ew...
    But, I wouldn't worry about the rapid change of your eye color. Never heard of an eye disease which carries the traits to shape shifting eyes.


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  • Chill out buddy relax eat a bit more and hit the gym