How do I look? ( Can you rate me, if you want. 1-10)?

Actually i asked this question with one of my photos but i was at home when i took that photo so probably it wasn't a very good photo so i wanted to ask this question with my current profil photo. please don't forget to vote the poll

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey Mr. Powerful. I voted handsome. You know I love your eyes :)

    • Oh thank you very much mrs powefull :)) it is cool hearing that kind of things from such a beautiful lady like you. i hope these are your honest opinions ;)

    • I'm always honest :)

    • Being always honest is a great character feature, mrs powerfull, it suits your poeerfull character too much :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • You look dashing

  • You can't ask on here, and expect honest opinions.

    • i'm expecting honest opinios, why can't i ask on here?

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    • Hala merak ediyorum sen türk müsün çünkü kendi milletim olmasına karşın bu kadar salak biri de türkler dışında kimseden çıkamaz diye düşünüyorum.

    • bu seviyede biri ancak türk kızları içinden çıkar diye düzeltme yapayım daha doğrusu.

What Guys Said 2

  • I voted average because it's not a very good picture. You should try smiling. But still your eyes have darkness around them just like mine. Fistbump!

    • Ok thanks for opinion, bro :)) i am thinking adding one of my pictures with smiling face on my profil as you wrote.

    • Do try I will rate again!

    • Ok, i will inform you, if i put a new photo on my profil.

  • I voted for B ^^ A 7 you are

    • oh thank you very much, dude i think you are handsome too :)