Real butt or Fake butt or Photoshop butt?

Because I'm all about the substance and worthwhile questions that need answering, like totally.

  • Real butt
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  • Fake butt
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  • Photoshop butt
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  • Man butt
    Vote D
  • No butt
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  • My butt
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  • Your butt
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I know the answer and will share in due time, so guess away my minions...
This is obviously the most important poll ever, more so than elections or medical marijuana legalization... almost as import as the poll between her cheeks.
The butt is real, it is Valerie Kay...


Most Helpful Girl

  • That is 100% my butt and it's 100% real only cause I took your advice. 🍑

    • Damn girl! you did work fast... butt can you twerk?

      If so I'd marry you in a instance and make a shrine to worship your butt everyday.

      And the highlight of the evening would be applying lotion to maintain your otherworldly, glorious, wondrous, temptress, unfathomable physique.

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    • I get super weird/goofy when I'm overtired, it's the best part... but then I get delirious.

    • Haha guess you should head to bed then

Most Helpful Guy

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What Girls Said 3

  • No disrespect to a girl with a booty but that is fake as hell. Even if she had a booty like that, it wouldn't eat a poll... unless it was really hungry :-)

  • That ass is possible. Seen it many like it in the streets

    • That's because girls have upped their game in the last 5 or so years... now guys need to step it up as well (myself included).

  • Daaaaamn.. girls got a nice booty!

    • Nice to see a mutual respect, the world would be a better place if people gave praise when praise is due instead of insulting out of jealousy and/or whatever other reasons they might have... also the world would be better if more girls had butts like that - which is possible to an extent if they workout, jog, squat and so on.

    • Or if they got some Latina blood in them ;) <3

    • That Latina fire burns bright. It's amazing when things are good but is frightening as fuck when things are bad especially when the guy is being a stubborn cholo... he'll probably get bashed with frying pan.

What Guys Said 3

  • Where's the "Nice Butt" option at? The important poll is the one surrounded by that masterpiece :)

    • I feel I should have made the "Man butt" option that considering it is a disgrace to her butt and it isn't funny. I'll also reveal the name of the girl soon enough.

  • what? what? in the but.

  • Damn, He Bum Bum sure is hungry for some Pipe!

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