This looks like a couple in love or like?

I like looking at couples pics and their body language but I found this one really weird. I read some info on their pic and it says they do some show together and are co stars who are reportedly friends as I saw a few selfies together. Some people had commented they are couple in real life who are hiding their relationship.

but its not my concern. I just wnat to know about their body language and what they look like. Ttheir pose seemed really weird to me if they are a couple, I couldnt read their body language so I decided to ask.

What is the body language of this couple in this photo?


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  • Its really hard in general to sometimes tell if people are in love, everyone has different ways of showing it :)
    But in those photos, my opinion personally is that they kinda look uninterested in where they are, and even the face expressions look somewhat forced to me. But hey sometimes we can never know, they might have reasons and they could just be different together when their in public :)


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  • Really close friends.

    You can tell that they are comfortable around each other bit not so much that they appear as a couple. Chances are they had a fling in the past, but decided they rather keep things professional.

    • How does this even look like they are close? :p

    • This is how close I stand to my close friends who are girls

  • I've got a tux just like that one :-D
    Except mine fits.

    The guy is clearly being interviewed, and naturally the girl doesn't interrupt.
    She looks bored as fuck though.

    • His tux doesn't fit? :p

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    • and they look weird in that kind of hostile pose?

    • I wouldn't say weird.
      They're definitely at some sort of event, and the guy is being interviewed.
      But overall, it seems to me they're just there because they have to make an appearance.
      Looks like they'd rather be somewhere else.

  • They both seem nervous over something.


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  • nope. They do not look in love.

  • They look annoyed to me.

  • He seems confiden and controlling. She seems uninterested and even maybe gives off body language of being a bit fearful in two of the pictures. These are bad signs for their relationship.

    • which two pics? and does these change if they are pretending to be distant if they are secretly dating?

    • Honestly they both just seem a little awkward around each other... they're definitely hiding something.

    • hiding something? how?

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