What race do I look like?

I asked this before, but i'm just curious as to what race i look like, and how others perceive me... what race people think i am...

What race would you say i was?


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  • Hispanic maybe Cuban

    • So do i look like your race to you? i'm actually part black, part white... but i come from jamaica which is near cuba, so well done

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    • Hispanics or Latin culture comes in different shades you be very light or very dark...

    • I'm sorry..

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  • Hispanic? I think.

  • You look Afro-Asian
    (Lol i asked a similar question and people had difficulty figuring out my race too)

    • nice, but i seen you and you look like a japanese model or something, i am offended you think i am a country man like you...

      although i'll say you look like maria ozawa

    • Why are u offended I didn't mean to be rude. And the thing is I'm far away from Japan lol

  • Either mixed with black and white or Puerto Rican.

    • yes thats right, but americans get on my nerves when they think anyone who is tanned looking, is hispanic or latino...

      I dont even speak Spanish fluently or have hispanic family

    • It was just a guess... You do kind of look like you could be Hispanic but there's a lot of Hispanic people that can't speak Spanish and English is their first language.

      People assume I'm a different race all the time I don't really think too much of it.

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