Do you think I look my age?

I've been told this my entire life. I really am 24 years old and people guess me in my 30's. When I was 16 years old, people thought I was 25. When I was eleven years old, people thought I was 13/14. When I was a five year old kid, people would tell my parents I look like I'm nine years old or so. I know my height has something to do with it, since I'm 6'3 and it seems taller people look older.

I could care less, nor does it bother me but click on my profile, do you think I look my age? Just click on my avi and tell me how old I look.

@badger25 You make a good point about my shaved head, it probably makes me look a little older. Thanks!


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  • you look like you are in your mid 20s to me. the shaved head probably makes some people think you are older than that

    • That could be a factor too but even when I grew my hair out in my early teens, people thought the same thing.

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  • Forget about your age I think I just found big foot jeeze crist...

    If god created earth blah blah 7 days bushit why would he make a beast sh**

    Honestly.. How can you type? Your fingers must be huge.. I'm jealous :(

    Wow you look like. A badass beast

    Girls everywhere are creaming their knickers thanks to you bro

    • Lol this cracked me up. Yeah, I'm 6'3, 295lbs. I have a large bone structure too. I do lift in the gym, I also do cardio, I'm trying to slim my stomach a little more.

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    • Oh, thanks.

      I don't need to lose weight at all, you're right. I don't have any health problems right now and the reason I do weigh so much for my height is because of my muscle mass, bone structure and large frame.

      I'm just trying to trim my belly. I got a little bit of a belly on me. I would say when I was 270lbs, I should be just fine.

    • Yeah! Goodluck bro! :)

  • Yeah, 28 - 34 it seems.

  • Your buff, that makes people think your older probably.

  • you look older