How would you rate me on a scale of 1-10?

Going off my profile picture, what would you rate me from 1-10?
Also, based on looks alone would you date me?
I know a lot of people hate these questions but I don't have much self-confidence and I just want to see what people think.


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  • No! self-confidence must come from within not from other person!!! No matter how many attracted to you if you don't love your self you're still get low self-confidence. But I knew that looks can raise your confidence a bit. Just work your self up, take care of yourself and be the best you and have some goal. That is a total change and everything will follow. Friends, lover, money and respect. CONFIDENCE!

    • Thank you, I try to portray confidence even if on the inside I feel unconfident. I just need to make it genuine.

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