How do I look in my picture on here?

It was the best screenshot I could get from a video I was in... so how do you think it looks honestly?


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  • decent bro... :)

    so don't worry coz i remember u were mentoning in da past, that u hated yer looks if i remember well... :/

    • I didn't say that?

      I wish I was 6'3 and not a touch under 5'6.

      and it doesn't much matter since uglier guys than me seem to get girls I would find attractive, so meh.

    • oops sorry then... :)

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  • Pretty good !

    Looks very professional


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  • You look good dude, looks like a yearbook photo! ☺

    • I can haz seat in Westminster? :)

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    • Good job. You don't want to be seving that arsehole Cameron do you?

    • Well it would have been for an individual MP...

      beats sitting at "home" not living my life.. :(

  • You look okay.. What's the name of that canceled show?

    • 'Utopia'

      It turned out to be total crap but it sounded great beforehand... the fact that those trashy people were chosen over me shows you what they wanted though... and it ended just how I thought it would.

    • Okay.. Is your name Ajay Bruno?