Why does people saying they know someone that is "tumblr famous" for taking selfies on them selves?

I don't understand why people think they they are when they don't do anything but take pictures of them selves. They don't do anything with entertainment well some of them don't like vines and you tube. Maybe twitter but everyone has one but the "tumblr people" have like a thousand. Famous is more like you have a talent so someone please tell me. so is it just looks?


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  • It's mainly girls who start it when it comes to guys. When a girl sees a guys photo and she likes how he looks or how the photo is taken then likes it. Then a chain reaction starts where she tells her friends about him and her friends tell there friends.
    When it comes to girls who are tumblr famous than its both girls and guys who likes her. The same reaction follows.


What Girls Said 1

  • Basically they got famous by taking pics of themselves