Girls, please be honest. How do I look?

I have never had much self confidence growing up. I was always bullied and picked on.
Now that im much older it still carries with me. I constantly feel a weight on my shoulder that I'm more of a burden to people. All I want to do is help people and make friends.. but people seem to just want to take, take, take.

I have had great relationships but never felt confident. though I fake it, and carry myself well.. Inside im a mess.

how important are looks. girls I've been with have said I'm an 8 but I never believe them.
one girl said I was a 7 but my personality puts me at a 10.
I know I'm older and should be over something this silly by now. but it is just something that weighs me down.

opinions? How do I look to you?

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  • You are very good looking! Nice beard, eyes, smile, head, etc . Dont let anyone get you down. Find a women who treats you like ur the only guy out there and hold onto her. There are women like that :) even though we are far and few.


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  • You're average in looks.

    I think your personality is what makes women rate u higher

  • You need to go to a christian church... they teach love is not based upon looks but substance...

  • You look good!

  • A. You have the badass look ;)