Right, so I get people randomly talking to me and ask how old I am when they say "wait don't tell me you're..." Wen they are all wrong I get people saying I look 5 years older than what I actually am. But is this okay for people to say this? I also have people who guess my age correctly or they say I'm younger by 3 years. So this is confusing me I don't know exactly what to make of this. What do I do and say other than correct them.


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  • People have their own opinion. I don't think it's offensive or inappropriate to say that you look older or younger. If they are wrong about what they think then correct them in a happy way. That's all. Why some think you're older and some think you're younger? Everyone has an opinion. Just because I think a person is younger doesn't mean everyone else will see them the same way.

    • It just that wen I was 14 I had people that were like mid 20s poss more we coming up to me asking if I wanted a one night stand wen I told them my actual age most of their words were "shit sorry thought u were 19" younger was a bonus for certain things so is older but it's confusing at times

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  • i remember i was 14 and people were like "what university are you in?"
    then when i was 16 someone asked if i was in grade 8...
    So i guess it varies with people - not something you can control, and neither be upset about :)

  • Just don't take it seriously. It's their experience with other people that will make you younger or older in their eyes. Or it might be just the way you act, talk or dress.

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