Girls, what do you think about my appearance? How would you rate my handsomeness from 1 to 10?

I've always been shy about sharing my photo until now but I'm doing sports and I've lost some weight, here I am ;) Do you think I'm handsome/cute/ugly? Thanks for your opinions :)

Note: Would you date with me :)? (ignore the personal traits in this :))


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  • Can't see if you have sunglasses on.

    • This is how I want to look so try to rate me anyways :)

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    • Why ask if you you're just going to say it's wrong? Sorry but I think you're average and I don't find you attractive. Did you ask just to have people lie and pump up your ego? It's fair because it's my opinion.

    • It's not ego. I wouldn't have asked if it was ego. But I couldn't get why I am not attractive to you, it is normal to ask. Is it because of the sunglasses only, or is there another reason that I don't know?

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  • I don't see a picture :(

  • you look good!

    • Thanks :) How would you rate out of 10?