Hey everyone! If you have time, check out a few of my pictures, and let me know your opinion. OK?

I have two more questions that you can leave in the comments alongside your opinions.
1. Do I look like a 24 year old man in your country?
2. Do you think I am attractive?

I am looking forward to your comments. It can be "you look cool, buddy!", "wassup? Handsome!", "No, you are good.", or anything else.

And for your negative comments, just make sure you don't hang them there alone. Make some good points, like, "I bet you look better if you shave!"

Your turn!

Hey everyone! If you have time, check out a few of my pictures, and let me know your opinion. OK?


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  • Keep the facial hair, it suits you and gives you more character. You look fine to me but especially so in picture 1 and 3. 2 might be bad because of the awkward angle.

    Hell, why not set 1 or 3 as your profile pic? It looks a lot better than your current one. ;)

    • thanks for the good comments. I will consider changing my profile pic.

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  • bro... shaved = better 8)

    • definitely I look better when I shave! but I am more myself when I have beard. I have more confidence! I know it sounds weird, but beards work fine for my confidence, so that is why I persist on keeping the beard. Anyway, thanks for noticing that!

  • Shave , go to some martial arts class and life will thrive before your eyes.

    • Can you explain yourself a little bit more?

    • In short its kinda hard to explain. I was a light weight (60kg) 192cm dude , didn't had much attention from hot females, kinda nerdy guy. Then there was a situation and i started to train in kickboxing , it changed my whole life. In first 3 months i started to notice difference in my self , and i am not talking about physical aspect of development. I started to get attention, small drops of eye connections and butterflies from random beautiful girls. I was not cocky, i was opposite, never the less such a hard physical and mental workout changes man , it makes a man more of a Man ! When you meet a girl only few % of communication is physical because its mental , energetic , vibrant force that surround our body and people feel that. Just think about that. :) ( sorry for my English , im from Latvia )

    • Yeah thanks for the insight!

  • You're a good looking guy, nice photos
    But darn you remind me of my teacher rofl