(POLL) GUYS with light hair and eyes, what hair, skin and eye colour do you prefer on a girl?

Guys with former blonde hair, blonde hair, strawberry blonde hair, red hair, or very light blonde hair.
Guys with green or blue eyes with whatever skin tone (tanned, pale, etc.)
There is going to be another one for guys with dark hair and eyes, and inbetween. This is purely based off of curiousity.

Dark hair: Black, dark brown, average brown,
Dark eyes: Hazel, brown, dark brown black.
Light hair: Light brown, blonde, strawberry blonde red.
Light eyes: Amber, green, blue.

  • Dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin tone,
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  • Dark hair, light eyes, average skin tone.
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  • Light hair, dark eyes, average skin tone
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  • Light hair, light eyes, pale skin tone
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  • Light hair, light eyes, average skin tone
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I'm a Guy
The whole purpose of this question is because there has been a study saying that people tend to gravitate towards other people with opposite complexions to them and I wanted to see whether it's true.


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  • I have sandy blonde hair, a normal skin tone, and greyish blue eyes. I prefer girls with light to medium brown hair, and deep blue eyes.


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  • None of your option fit my preference. I prefer pale white skin, but with very dark features, eyes, hair, etc.

  • any race is fine, any hair color except for blonde is fine, any eye color is fine

  • Blond, brunette, redhead, hey, I'm flexible. As for skin tone, She could be olive or fair skinned.

  • What is average skin tone?

    • Not pale but not tanned :)

  • prefer? not a good word.

    • I only meant what you would like; because I'm sure a lot of people admire or are attracted people with certain characteristics or complexions. I didn't mean to offend anybody, I should have worded it differently.

    • Please read my update.

    • nah, u didn't offend me. It's fine. It's just me, u know... Sorry, i can't choose like this. I don't wanna imagine any preference. I know its stupid but i don't care. It's not mine to choose. I don't even wanna think about it. Sorry, but can't help you. Good luck! :)

  • The only complexion I specifically don't like is tanned white girl. The rest are all game.