Why is blonde hair and blue eyes less attractive than dark hair and dark eyes?

I just don't get it. Its like EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH, has the EXACT same preference - dark hair and dark eyes. Why do ALL women prefer this? What is so wrong with blonde hair and blue eyes? :(

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  • What are you even talking about? Blond hair and blue eyes is extremely attractive.


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  • Everybody has their own preference. I have heard plenty girls go gaga over guys with blonde hair and blue eyes before. Don't generalize based on the few experiences and not many girls will reject you just based on just either. Maybe there was something else.

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    • I don't understand then. If you aren't getting rejected then why are you so worried

    • Well... how would you feel if you got a boyfriend who loved you, but then you found out he likes another haircolor beter than yours?

  • It's not unattractive. It would have to depend on how they look in the face and how they carry themselves. But its true some people regard themselves so highly beause of their blonde hair and blue eyes, its a real put off. I'm not a fan of it... but I wouldn't go for a blonde guy at all. :) Call me racist or anything.. if you like.

    • I don't carry myself like that at all. Infact its people like you that cause me to be really insecure about it.

    • I didn't do anything to you. :O I'm just not attracted to your features. But I think it would look cute on both guys and girls.

  • I honestly couldn't care less about hair color and eye color even if I tried. It's about how it all comes together that determines your attractiveness, not just certain features alone.

  • I like both!

    Blue eyes are really gorgeous though

    • But be honest, if there were to guys that looked identical and had identical personalities, but ones was blonde and one had brown hair, would you choose the brown hair or the blonde hair.

    • Wouldn't choose someone based off of hair and eye color in all honesty.

  • I don't care about eye and hair color to be honest with you. Since I'm a black girl, I find dark hair and eyes to be attractive, but that doesn't mean blonde hair and blue eyes aren't. Those features were sought after during the 50s and before that.

    • I wish it was still the 50s then, because nobody likes my kind as much as dark haired guys anymore...

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    • Why would people be stuck up just for being blonde? I'm the complete opposite of stuck up...

    • I have no idea. People are idiots, you know.

  • Those things are less important than you think.

  • It's just personal preference. Not something to worry about.

    • Maybe i wouldn't worry about it, but every damn woman on the planet has the SAME preference. I don't get why...

    • I have white friends that like blonde hair and blue eyed guys.

    • But chances are they all like this one guy that happens to have blonde hair. I'm sure they all normally prefer dark hair.

  • I think women just prefer that but I don't think it's as big of a deal in real life when you can actually see the person as it is when people ask these unnecessary compassion questions online.

    It's the same shit women do when they compare blondes/brunettes/redheads, sure men prefer a certain color but as soon as they see a pretty women of another hair most of them don't care what color they prefer anymore lol

    I prefer dark hair/dark eyes but i've seen attractive men with other lighter eyes and blonde hair and my boyfriend has blue eyes, no one is that stuck on it so you shouldn't be either.

    • Yeah well... at least its pretty rounded for guys. Its almost 33% for blondes, brunettes, and redheads for male preference. Then for women its like...90% brown hair and 10% blonde hair.

      I know my blonde hair isn't a dating handicap, but If i had a girlfriend, and found out she prefers brown hair, it would hurt pretty bad...

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    • I just feel like I'm never good enough for anyone because of this one thing that makes me less attractive ­čśĽ

    • Insecurities suck lol but they're always a way bigger deal to us then they are to other people, so just try not to always assume the worst.