Girls, How do you think it looks?

Do girl said nice butt to me yesterday when I was mowing my grandpa's lawn, but it seems average to me, so I wanted to know what you girls think about my butt. I took 2 pics in the shorts I was mowing the lawn in, and here they are and

  • Idc
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  • It looks bad/gross😲😱
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  • Just a normal butt/ok😕
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  • It looks good😏
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  • Omg your butt is hot 😍
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What Girls Said 2

  • It looks normal.

  • Basically girls like firm butts that aren't shapely like a girl but still have a little shape. That's what butt you have. I wouldn't say it's hot exactly, you're a kid, but it is the type of butt girls say is nice. Not a lot of guys have a nice butt, so you should be happy.

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