What should I think?

People always tell me I look like raven samone talk like her act like her... Makes me wonder


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  • How Raven Simone has been acting lately... I wouldn't take that as a compliment.

    Then again every one views the same person differently

    In my opinion, she acts oblivious to the serious issues going on around her (such as racism), and seems to not want to be associated with being African-American.
    We live in a real world... you cannot describe yourself as "color-less".
    She also stated that a man saying Michelle Obama looks like a ape isn't a racist comment, because she gets told she looks like a bird all of the time.

    I mean WTF?

    • Before that I <3ed her!!
      Because she seems great and bubbly.

    • Well everyone doesn't say now there like oh u remind me of that so raven... So apparently when she was on her show which I don't have a problem with I loved her back then

    • She was cool up until recently!

      But apparently they mean something good when they say that.

      She's not a bad looking gal and a lot of kids liked her.

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  • Raven who?


    • Ever seen the show that's so raven?

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    • Lol well I don't know

    • If you watched Cosby show, she was the little girl. Raven Symone. She had a show called Thats so Raven a while ago, but, went off the air (they actually show replays of it on occasion on Wednesday night replays of early 2000 shows) on Disney

  • raven? huh... do u have black hair?

  • Does that mean you're mixed race?

    • Black and white but that's besides the point

    • That was probably one of the main reasons if you also have similar mannerisms.

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  • I was going to say that it's not a compliment until I saw your response to another user. It probably is a complement if they're comparing you to her when she was on "That's So Raven".

  • yeah.. i don't know who raven samone is.

  • you probably do.

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