What would you rate me?

I did ask one of these, But, It was a few of months ago, And I've had haircuts and etc since then, So, Yeah, Im just curious, What would you rate me? :).

*Look at profile picture*.

Please be honest. Like, Brutally honest.

Thank you ;)

  • 1 - Wear a paper bag.
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  • 2-3 - You're fucked.
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  • 4-5 - Below Average.
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  • 6-7 - Above Average.
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  • 8-9 - Nice.
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  • 10 - Daaaaaayyuumm.
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  • kewl haircut bro

    8/10 8)

  • You are looking well - Girls will like it

  • Not saying you are one but You look like one of those dickheads or pricks that messes around in school. But yeah about average.

    • When i was in school, I was Obese and got bullied and had no friends (Finished school last may and was loosing weight ever since), So yeah, I think you may have the Complete opposite of my personality ? D:.

      Can i ask what made you think that?

    • No sorry I didn't mean to say you were only that's the impression you gave.
      On second glance you kind of look like one of my mates, he's a nice guy and does well with the ladies so I'm sure you'll be fine!