Girls, is a big head a turn off?

One of my friends has a pretty big forehead and his head is kind of wide, sort of looking like a square and he feels really bad about it. So would this be a turn off?


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  • When a person shows their insecurity to the world and constantly dwells over it, that's the biggest turn off for me past the physical factor.
    Your friend needs to accept himself.
    He needs to be ok with what cannot be changed.

    • I mean, if you were to meet him, you would never know that his head shape bothers me. He just told me once about it when we strated taliking about relationships.

    • Bothers him*

    • The sad thing is usually these features never stand out to u, until these people that are insecure about it, point it out.
      He's going to draw more attention to that area if he voices this to anyone else.
      If u didn't notice off hand it can't be as bad as he's making it seem.
      We are our own worst critics.

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  • Head size isn't really something that you notice... I agree with both the girls below, and that he needs to man up some. Insecurity can be cute if it does not control a person, and they are not constantly making a deal out of their issue/s.

  • No. I don't even notice head size