Am I thaaaat irresistible (read the description before judging)?

It's been 5 times that a guy kissed me when I fell aseep next to him. I didn't really care at first, but I just lost my best friend because of that. About a month ago while we were watching a movie together, I fell asleep next to him - I was close enough to him to have my head falling on his shoulder if I wanted to - and he kissed me. After that, it was awkward. We dated, on and off, we got into fights about it, and a few minutes ago, I cut it off with him because I found out that I had feelings for him even though I don't see myself in a relationship with him in the future (which is a total different story).
Does loving DC and Marvel, video games, working out and outdoor sports make me irresistible? I'm asking that because I'm tired of drama and confusion. I lost my best friend because of that and I want to know what's wrong with me.
So now that you have details, please answer my question. Thanks.

What I mean by 'irresistible' is that: do all these things I love are what makes this kind of incident happen? Or is it the 'ease' of kissing someone while they're asleep, thus unconscious and 'unable' to reject you?


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  • my honest opinion is yes u are as there are not to many girls into all the things u are and at the same time still be able to have fun joke around and well in the long term end up dating a good guy who will want u for all those things u enjoy so much i know i enjoy most of them as well


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  • short answer: you're a snowflake.
    But really, a LOT of people like those things.
    The problems you're running into are because you are a bad communicator.

    Your statement makes almost no sense, the question at the header has nothing to do with the gibberish statement, and you said yourself that you "broke it off because you have feelings for him".

    The problem here is you are incapable of saying what you mean.
    Slow down. Take your time presenting your case.
    Use a comma, or a period for godsakes.

    • A bad communicator?
      I spared you most of the details so my question wouldn't be a 'bathroom read'. If you want anymore details on the story with the friend I was talking about, go ahead! Ask questions! But don't tell me I'm a snowflake! I'm asking for helpful opinion, not for more criticism.

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    No your not irresistible. But your funny and I like your sense of humor.

    • The funny thing is that.. I'M BEING SERIOUS! Not about being irresistible, but this whole story disturbing. Do you have anything in mind that could explain that?

  • Sounds like that he was so comfortable with you that he chanced a kiss. I think you sound great but just haven't met right guy yet - Close friendship between opposite sexes will be always awkward if any feelings develop - Why cut him off if you have developed feelings for him - Are you not in right place for a relationship - To answer your question noone is that irresistible but things have just become complicated between friends.

    • I cut him off because he says that he doesn't feel the same, while his actions show otherwise. I am done with all the drama and I consider that I gave him enough time to make his mind, thus, why I cut him off.

  • Yess you are. I mean why else am I answering this question?

    • haha I love your sarcasm!

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    • I said that I don't believe in marriage, and that I don't want anything romantic RIGHT NOW. I didn't say that I would stay away from 'love and happiness'. I just don't want to get involved right now.

    • Figures, what im skeptic of at the moment is how can you consider yourself irresistible when your ex resisted you in marriage? I think its pretty noble of you to not give anybody a chance but I would consider at least trying to move on instead of living in the past.

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  • I didn't have to read the descriptions...

  • First of all, nobody should kiss you when you are asleep unless its a real boyfriend. And maybe ask yourself why you fall asleep so often (you are an active girl, give your body rest too). If you stay awake, the problem is solved.