Why kind or personality does it look like I have?

What type of personality does it seem like I have? And what do are your thoughts? I always get the "I look like a b"

What would you rate me


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  • honestly if i saw you looking exactly like the picture this is what i'd think

    at a college party:
    1. slutty
    2. not a bitch
    3. funny
    4. drinker
    5. flirty
    6. maybe what people consider "cool" girl

    not a party:
    1. working woman
    2. not a bitch
    3. social
    4. daddy's princess

    these are just in order of how my mind works i love doing this from just looking at people probably really really wrong but whatever

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    • i actually thought about writing independent in the second section

    • and just from your replies i can tell you aren't mean

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