Name a few celebrities who are BARELY too fat/skinny, but they are considered too fat/skinny for you?

I'm hoping that most of you list bizarre answers because I'm ready to laugh. For example, I know some guys who call Beyonce fat because they dont like girls with ass. I know some girls who call Adam Levine too skinny because he doesn't have abs.

So name a celeb who is BARELY fat/skinny but they are fat/skinny to the point where its considered too much or too little for you to handle.

Im using celebrities as an example...


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  • Lol... about 85-90% of ALL Hollywood actresses are too skinny for me.

    • But name one who would relate to what you wouldn't go for in person (to someone who is nonceleb)

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    • Lol but I thought Oprah got skinny

    • Just wait 6 months... thanks for MHO!

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  • Drew Barrymore, I think she's fine but there's some that think she could lose a few

  • Do comedians not do it for you anymore?


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  • Kim kardashian

    • Kim, Kylie, and Khloe are both oddly shaped. I like Kourtnes shape. Kendall is to skinny for me.

    • I think Kylie has a nice body. I agree Kendal is too thin. Kim's butt is just too big.

    • Well kylie looks like she got hip shots possibly ass shots so thats the only reason I dont agree with her body.

  • I don't really know much celebrities

    But while logging into my Yahoo mail, I saw an article about Jennifer Lawrance being fat.
    I was surprised

    Wait... I don't think I am getting it right, lol.

    • No you're probably right. She isn't fat but the way she eats makes people call her that