I have a date and nothing to wear. im trying to find new clothes but I can't find anything. would you buy clothes from a fake website?

i have hard time finding clothes i like. i used to order from hollister abecrombie and American eagle. now the trends have changed so much everything just looks cheap and tacky. i can't find clothes. i happend to go to abecrmbie site and found a bunch of cloths i liked. it looked different. maybe older clothes I don't know. they looked not as cheap. so i put in cart and realise its a fake site.

is it safe to buy from fake site? is my credit card safe? are they just selling items to make a profit or do you think its all a scam?

do you buy from sites like this. and please recomend clothes places to buy. i need to put a good outfit together for a girl. my closet has become basicly just hoodies and jordan t shirts. i like henneleys maybe polo sweaters, button down shirts etc


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  • Don't buy something from a fake website. Never do that!! Just wear something that you have in your closet, and buy some new clothes in a store... I'm sure that if the girls really likes you, she won't be like "but you're wearing that weird tshirt"... Just wear something that you already have and I advise you to never ever buy something from fake websites.

    • What I mean with "fake" websites is websites that look suspicious etc... When you don't trust them

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    • There is nothing wrong with wearing a tshirt and jeans... I don't know why you're so worried. I don't think you guys are going to some place where you have to wear a suit, right?

    • And if you really don't like a tshirt, then go for a button down and jeans.

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  • Uhm. Well, It won't be a ''Fake site'', it will just be some shitty cheap sight that sells crappy made versions of the other one.

    Tbh, you're better off just paying more and getting something of better quality that will last longer, You get what you pay for rite?, Oh, And don't buy from Hollister unless you want people to think you have a vagina. #Justsaying.

    • it is a fake site because its not what abecrombie is selling. its poorly made website. I don't know about the cloths. and yes I basicly agree with you about Hollister. problem is that every other place looks just like them. so where do I buy from lol

    • Eh, Just buy some skinny Jeans and a shirt bro. ;)

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