Girls, Try to be honest please. How do I look?

I sorry for posting this so many times. It´s just that i still not sure about what girls do think about my apperance in general so i would like to confirm the truth once and for all by posting this. Also feel free to leave suggestions on how i can look better than i do now.
Girls, Try to be honest please.How do i look?

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If you don´t find me attractive at all then state what you don´t find attractive about me since i very obsessed with the way i look like and i´d like to know how i can improve the way i look. If it is even possible.


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  • Why are you always asking the same question?

    • Becuse i have a very low selfeestem and i see myself as ugly becuse of that and also becuse i was told on instagram by a couple of girls that i´m ugly.

    • Maybe i should use tinder insteald to see if i get any matches at all. That is surely going to be fun.

    • I forgot to mention that asking more than twice becuse i feel like i can´t get a clear image of what girls think about the way i look and i find this to be very important in order to be happy with myself.

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  • Oh my gosh you're such a cutie... I'll say an 8 😊

    Honestly there's nothing wrong with you but if you want t to change something the only thing you can would be to get a different hair cut.

  • Love yourself. Don't look for others for approval. Confidence is key! Women find confidence very attractive in a man. Your outside features do not say anything about your personality, or your heart. What's inside truly overrides ones physical appearance. So, love yourself look In the mirror everyday and say "I am beautiful" or something inspiring to you. Elevate your spirits, and find things that make you happy.

    • You are right but what i find to be sad is that most women around my area keep telling me that i ugly so by doing so they make me feel bad and i lose confidence becuse of that. I wish women could judge by personality insteald of appearance like you do.. but sadly most women don´t think that way. I sure becuse i´ve been talking to girls who have been preading runors about me for no reason. Right now i almost prepared to do anthing just to be seen as that attractive guy, even surgery if that helps, I just want to erase any reason from people to call me ugly by taking away whatever feature that makes me ugly. Maybe hide it even with a wider jaw and closer eyes thorwards the nose. I would need to find someone who finds me attractive in order to accept myself as a person. It's just the way i function.

  • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • Lol you know how people are these days. If you don´t look good then no one wants you it´s as easy as that. The only exception is if you have an awesome personality witch i doubt i have becuse people never seem to laught from my jokes.

    • @goldie757 einsten's logic cannot be rebutted 👏

  • First picture is good. What phone do you use to take pics?

    • Iphone 5s and i use apps like squareready to make the selfie look even better. But i not sure if i used the app on those pics.

    • They look clear and vivid.

  • I still see a cute guy. It's sad you don't :(

  • You have really pretty eyes -sighs dreamily-

    • You know that the eyes are the window of soul. At least that is what i´ve heard. Beside i think my eyes are the only feature that i like about myself honestly:)

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    • Thanks i´l make sure to remember this moment and i feel like i blushing now becuse of you´re comment. This means a lot just wanted you to know.

    • You're welcome, dude :)

  • You're a 5-6 to me.

  • 7 :D you have beautiful eyes.

  • Whatever you did in the 3rd pic keep it because that look suits you the most

    • On the 3rd pic my hair did grow a bit and before that it used to look the the hair on the 2nd pic. I very open to suggestions so if you have 1 please let me know about it:)