Girls, how would you rate this man?


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  • 2/10 basically. He's not attractive at all.

    • I don't know what it is, but his face looks so deformed.

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    • Well there's not a lot of sun over here, so we just stay out of it. That's how we stay young lol.
      We've got some short and big girls here too lol.
      Doutzen is an international model who's the face of Loreal Paris and Victoria's Secret. I know some people who know her personally or have spoken to her and she's actually very nice. She just has done the havo. I think it's called the Gymnasium in Germany and then she started modeling. So she's actually kinda smart. I really respect her.

    • I think all successful models are intelligent, it's a business after all.
      Well, I still find Lara better :P
      Lara has a sarcastic humor which drew her soon-to-be ex husband to her. Daviad Walliams, I think.
      For some reason, I tend to think good-looking people are not nice.
      It's so cool that you know people who've talked to Doutzen !

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