Quick question, do I look different with and without makeup? You can also guess my ethnicity just for fun! :p Thanks! ?


In the top right pic is with make up, lower right pic is eyeliner and lipstick.

The left bigger picture is without makeup. I always feel like my features are slightly masculine and strong on my face.


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  • I quite like you without makeup. I would guess you have some north Asian blood there somewhere either that or south American but I think it is more likely the first maybe Pakistan or somewhere that way. Am I right or completely off? If you were my girlfriend I would be very proud of you. I think you are gorgeous XXX

    • Oh wow, you are right about my ethnicity of Pakistani. Surprisingly, most people generally assume I'm Iranian or Arab. Thank you for the compliment. I always feel like I have a fairly masculine face. Its not soft or gentle like other girls I know.

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    • Thanks for the compliment. You have a keen eye. In actuality, I'm not wearing foundation in any of the pictures. I only do my eyes and lips, but the lights are different in all pics so could be tht.

    • You are a very pretty girl and I thin you do the perfect thing with you makeup. I wish we were closer together and I'd have you as a friend with benefits if I could as I think you are simply gorgeous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise XXXXX

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