Girls, Why do guys who look really feminine/metrosexual have so much succes with the ladies these days?

(most obvious example being Justin Bieber lookalikes - you know what I mean, right?)


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  • I think one thing to consider is: who finds Justin Bieber et al. attractive?

    A lot of it is a matter of young girls finding young guys attractive.

    I grew up in the 90s. The guys that I found attractive?

    Devon Sawa

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    Leonardo Dicaprio

    It's not that these guys are "feminine", it's that they're YOUNG. I liked them because *I* I was young and was attracted to boys who were close to my age.

    Like, I didn't like facial hair or chest hair on guys when I was a teenager... but most of the guys my age didn't have much by way of facial and body hair.

    I think that as women get older, they tend to be more attracted to "manly" looking men. Of course, there are still plenty of women who like a "pretty" looking man, and women appreciate a man who takes care of his personal hygiene, etc. But it's really bizarre to think that all, or even most, women are interested in dating Justin Bieber lookalikes.


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  • They have always been liked by ladies
    Think about The Beetles. Women went STARK MAD over them and not just because of their music.

    They are usually just attractive. They don't look feminine. If a guy doesn't look rough and manly, it doesn't mean he looks feminine.

    • I wouldn't really call the beetles feminine... it's not like they're mick jagger :p

      Anywho, so if a guy doesn't look manly, it doesn't mean he looks feminine you say? So what does he look like then? Not manly, not feminine, just neutral?

      And I'm not talking about natural looks here... I'm talking about the way they dress up / shave everything / add some makeup, you know, all that stuff.

    • Yeah I guess, dude on that they just look good. Free of imperfection and thats attractive

  • not all girls are into metrosexual guys

  • Because they're not bitter and insecure like you.