Girls, can u rate me ( weight 88kg/ 194lbs height 185cm /6.1ft) ?

Girls,can u rate me ( weight 88kg/ 194lbs     height 185cm /6.1ft) ?

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  • You're a solid 7.5 in my book. A smile would've made you an 8.

  • Whoa at first I thought it said you weighed 88 POUNDS I'm like whoa. Anyways I gave you like an 8 because of lack of smile. Also the picture was slightly blurry and I'm a neat freak

  • Pretty eyes, nice body.. If you could only smile..!

    • yeah i prefer real smiles than fakes ones... and right now i dont have reason to smile but anyway ty :)

    • You should always find a reason to smile. Smile because you're alive. I tend to smile at aaaall of my pictures but it's always a real one. I capture moments that I want to remember, not just random ones. :) You're cute anyway though.

  • Wow dude you're attractive... lol I gave you an 9 by the way... lol

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