Girls, Girls problems with my nipples show?

Does anyone else have problems with their nipples showing through shirts? I wear a large cup so they are never padded but I wear dimmers and sometimes they still show.

Usually the the problem is in tee shirts and lighter fabrics. My nipples are normal size, no kids gets so wtf?


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  • Unfortunately I have never heard of dimmers.. But I have heard of nipple pads, and have indeed used them myself with much success.. Perhaps you should give them a go yourself.

    • Thank you so much for considering mine as being the MHO.

      I do hope you have managed to overcome this embarrassing problem.

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  • nah i dont have this. i make sure that the bra I'm wearing is thick enough. at the beach might be a different story tho, but i dont care all that much.

  • Mine used to show as well... But I switched to padded bras so it's all good... Please switch to padded bras.. I'm pretty sure they have pads for larger cups... Get one. U dont want horny douchebags staring at ur tits.. -_-