Guys, What's better, cute or sexy?

What's more attractive? It appears that guys fawn over Latin looking women ( full lips, very curvy, long hair full lips, etc). How do you feel about mulattos though? (Half black half white)? I'm long and lean with medium length curly hair. I get told I'm beautiful and cute, but guys seem to go crazy for the Latinas and the stereotypical portrayal of her (big boobs, big butt, dreamy eyes etc). I am confident but sometimes I wish guys looked at me like they do them! So how do you feel about half black half white girls? Do you prefer a sexy girl that can break necks walking down the street, or a beautiful cute girl?

  • Mulatto (half black/half white)
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  • Latina (Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, etc)
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And what's more important face or body? I'm leaving personality out of this because I'm strictly talking physical.
Would you guys would go crazy at the first two girls in the pix, but over look the bottom two girls? Like think they are pretty but can't stop thinking about the first two girls?


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  • I think either one of them can look attractive.


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  • I like the Latina look

    • Of course. Every guy likes Latinas best. Wish I was one

  • A Honda Civic 92 Hatchback DX is a Honda Civic 92 Hatchback DX no matter the paint job

    • So what are you saying? both can be sexy and cute? I don't know..

  • the question and the description are saying two different things. the questions is about cute or sexy but the description is about mulatto's and latinos. then the pull is about mulatto's and latinos

  • I prefer white.

    • Ok why comment then lol

    • To put an opposing force aside from those you've listed. Though, it's completely unnecessary, so please excuse me.

    • It's ok! I'm just trying to get the answers I'm asking