Girls, Ladies just by looking at my pic? Would you date me?

Girls, Ladies just by looking at my pic? Would you date me?

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I'm a Girl
Its official 7 girls said no. That proves
I'm ugly.
So you can vote no? But are to chicken to tell
me why? Sorry I'm not ''Hot'' or buffed. But
I still deserve why.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You do not have ugly features you are just overweight.

    • So freaking what. Your acting like me being overweight makes me a bad person
      or a different person. I just love this double standard its ok to tell a guy to
      lose weight because he's fat, but if I tell a girl to lose weight I'm a jerk
      and I'm suppose to respect her for her and not her weight.

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    • 1. My answer would be no different for a woman.
      2. I am a fit, active and healthy person I would want a mate who is the same
      3. Don't ask the question if you don't want us to be honest.

    • 1) I don't believe that since women are more emotional when it
      comes to looks and weight
      2) Good for you sarcasm
      3) You didn't have to answer

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  • Honestly honestly honestly, you are not ugly. You just need to lose weight. And yes, I'd actually date you if you had the motivation to be the better version of urself. Now don't start assuming I'm lying or what the other girls would think cuz I'm not the other girls.

    • You wouldn't be telling me to lose weight if I was rich or someone famous.

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    • You know what? Give me all the money in the world and I would not date you. I would never wanna be with a sexist and a judgmental guy like you.

    • Its not judgmental when its the truth.

  • The angle of the picture is really bad. You can't see your entire face and it is an awkward pose you are in. From what I can see it does look like you may be very overweight, which I am not into, and I also don't want to be with someone who is at high risk for heart attacks, strokes, etc. I would start working on bettering yourself, eating healthy, and exercising. Also take a more flattering picture of a straight angle.

    • I'm overweight deal with it, I'm not here asking about my weight.

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    • 275 there you happy, And you don't even look that skinny yourself.

    • I'm not stick skinny, but I have a good way to go before I get to 200.

  • Girls aren't like guys. Guys put a high value on looks. Girls on the other hand will date a guy they don't find super hot if he has a good personality or if he is able to be a good provider for her children and her in her pregnancy. When I am looking for a husband - looks are not at the top of my list - if his personality is good - his looks become irrelevant.

    • Are you flipping kidding me? Guys put a high value on looks? Please tell me you don't
      believe that.

  • I just said this to someone else... Unflattering picture

    • Unflattering pciture what the hell does that mean? I'm ugly is that it?

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    • YOU'RE MAKING THIS ALL ABOUT LOOKS, but your personality is to blame. What don't you understand about personal opinion? You asked for opinions but want to rip apart even the nicer replies you've gotten. What I mean is you're personally not my type, but some equally horrid person may come along and love you someday. I barely judged your looks at all, stop putting words into my keyboard.

    • Your the one who said I was out of your league? And yet have no photo evidence?
      Then you say I should date Honey Boo Boos mom that was an insult. I regret ever
      asking this,. From now on I'll just let women call me ugly.

  • You sound pretty angry.

    • Well I'm sorry you'd be angry to if 15 guys said they
      found you ugly. But I they don't so how would you
      know how it feels.

  • It's such a weird and unflattering picture... it makes you look like a creep. Lose weight and take it from a better angle

    • Don't like my pic or the way I take pics don't answer or comment.

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    • @aliceinalworld01.

    • I am not being shallow, but looks are important. They aren't everything, but the way a person grooms themselves says a lot about their personality. You are the one who is full of himself -obesity is not attractive and it is unhealthy so whether you like it or not you need to lose weight, and if you don't that's your own choice but it is not a good one. I think you expected us girls to tell you that you looked perfect, but you don't. Nobody is perfect, everyone has something to improve on and if I were you, in future I would stop asking people for opinions if you cannot take the constructive criticism that you may receive.

  • Honestly, I don't completely care what you look like. I mean you're definitely not the hottest man alive but you're definitely not ugly either. I voted maybe because I would have to get to know you; your likes, interests, morals, all that shit. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true; I care more about your personality than your looks. Don't be discouraged by the NO's, those are just shallow girls with no heart; you don't want them anyway. You'll find the right girl, I know you will.

    • I see but if I was ''Hot'' my likes, interest, morals wouldn't even matter. Personality
      yeah OK than explain why girls date Hot guys who use them, abuse them etc
      oh I forget their personality doesn't matter. And please don't say I'm gonna

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    • @BumbleSuperBee its amazing how your always complaining about
      what I say and yet here you are again.

    • bye. have fun feeling sorry for yourself all the fucking time

  • Honestly no

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